Toys made with care by Danyal Boyd

Toys made with care by Danyal Boyd


Gnome Werks Toys grew from my love of making toys for my own children when they were little. As my children grew the toys became more elaborate and it really has just grown from there. I love dreaming up and designing new characters, it's probably my favorite part of the toy making process. 

My toy designs are inspired by children's literature, and fairy tales.  Fantastic stories and fairy tales get our imagination moving.  Imagine secret gnome civilizations existing right under our noses,  tiny fairies hatching from brightly colored eggs, or Fancy Animal Friends all dressed up and living in a civilized manner in the forests around our city. I enjoy turning these fanciful ideas into toys to light up your imagination. Open ended toys made with natural and all non toxic materials inspire imaginative play in young children, and their parents, and grandparents as well. ; )

Thanks so much for stopping by my little world,


Danyal Boyd

Maker- Gnome Werks Toys